Lt. Kamps and Commissioner Maddalone were among those who spoke at the awards ceremony. Click photo to see banquet photos in our online album.

We have been unable to hold an awards banquet for several years so we had a great time and celebrated many accomplishments when we gathered together on May 15, 2022. This page shows the awards given at that celebration. For more on this year’s banquet, please click here.

Each year at an annual banquet, several awards are bestowed on deserving individuals. In 2022, several new awards were also created. Here are the most recent honorees.

  • Leadership Award: Gary Mobbs
  • Camaraderie Awards: Kyle Andrews and Dave Strohte
  • Challenge Pin was awarded by Gary Mobbs to Shane Kamps
  • Rookie of the Year: Jared C…
  • EMT of the Year: Larry Shervanick
  • Most Improved Award: Vickie Shervanick
  • EMS instructors recognized (surprise!) by their appreciative students: Gary Mobbs and Shane Kamps
  • Dedication and Devotion Award: Joan Rodman
  • Retirements of Jane Stoll with 25 years, Lisa Wendle with 24 years, Nick Lundt with 18 years, and Leanne Carney with 11 years of service were acknowledged.
EMT of the Year Larry Shervanick and Most Improved Award recipient Vickie Shervanick, May 15, 2022.

The following individuals have been recognized as Firefighter of the Year (or Volunteer of the Year):

  • Larry Shervanick, 2019
  • Shane Kamps, 2018 and 2017
  • Nick Lundt, 2016
  • Alex Odom, 2015
  • Dan Bell, 2014
  • John Belanger, 2013
  • James Neils, 2012
  • Andy Boyle, 2011
  • Scott Weston, 2010
  • Nick Lundt, 2009 and 2006
  • Marc Kalbaugh, 2008
  • Ken Birge, 2007
  • Steve Hatfield, 2005
  • Steve Anderson, 2004
  • Ron “Fuzz” Meek, 2003
  • Ken Birge, 2002
  • Lisa Wendle, Volunteer of the Year, 2002
That moment when Joan Rodman realizes they are talking about her. Click for more photos.

The Dedication and Devotion Award (D&D) was started in 2009 and has been awarded to the following members:

  • Joan Rodman, 2021
  • John Belanger, 2019
  • Jody Mask, 2018
  • Jane Stoll, 2017
  • Werner Jahnsen, 2016
  • Gary Mobbs, 2015
  • Lisa Wendle, 2014 and 2009
  • John Mobbs, 2013
  • Myron Richardson, 2012 and 2011
  • Gary Mobbs, 2010

Page updated May 22, 2022

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