In case of emergency or if you need help, PLEASE CALL 9-1-1. Please do not call the fire station (that will delay response).

Welcome to the website of the Hauser Lake Fire Protection District and Hauser Lake Volunteer Fire Department (HLFD) in Hauser, Idaho. Hauser Lake is in Kootenai County and is located in the northern panhandle of Idaho.

For fun posts and timely community news (like Open Houses!), please visit our public Facebook page. You should not need an account to view our posts.

Burning in Hauser Lake: PERMIT REQUIRED

At this time, permits are required for most fires in Hauser Lake. Read more…

Hauser Residents, keep informed!

Do not miss out on the quarterly newsletter from the HLFPD and VFD. Issue #3 was mailed early in May. Read more…

Get Alerts!

If you live or work in Kootenai County, sign up for emergency alerts! Sign up at https://www.kcsheriff.com/228/Alert-Kootenai

Run Statistics for Hauser Lake Volunteer Fire & Rescue

This is a chart of our most recent response statistics. Numbers will be updated monthly. Fire and medical and motor vehicle accidents have all increased recently. Please be extra careful out there!

Total for same month in 2022
*Wildland fires, ice rescue, hazmat and other miscellaneous calls.
These are our run statistics for 2022-23

Mission and Vision Statements

The Hauser Lake Fire Protection District (HLFPD) is a dedicated volunteer organization serving our community through fire suppression and prevention, emergency medical response, and excellent community service.

We are committed to providing a superior level of emergency service that continually improves the quality of life, health and safety of the people who live and work in our community.

Photo by John Belanger
Photo by John Belanger

Page last updated May 24, 2023