Ford F550 Fire Truck for Sale

September 21, 2021

The Hauser Lake Fire Protection District of Hauser, Idaho has the following apparatus for sale. We are asking $35,000 or best offer.

2000 Ford F550 4×4 For Sale, $35,000 OBO

Apparatus: 2000 Ford F550, 4×4
Motor: 7.3L
Transmission: Brand new Ford
Fuel: Diesel
Fire Body: Aluminum-Line, Inc.
CAFS System: Oden by Darley, Darley 2.5AG Pump, 400-Gal Poly Tank with built in 25-Gal Foam Tank
Accessories: One 1-1/2 inch pre-connect, two hose reals, 6 large compartments with side doors, 2 large compartments on top, 3 LED pole mount lights, 3000W inverter, and much more.
Other note:  Maintenance and DOT check completed in January.  Manufactured, operated, and then purchased from Bridger Fire in Bozeman, Montana. HLFPD replaced this apparatus with a larger, 5-person cab apparatus. 

Fire Department/Owner: Hauser Lake Fire Protection District in Hauser, Idaho
Contact: Chief James Neils
Phone: 208-773-1174
Email: chief@hauserfire

Page added September 21, 2021

Author: Hauser Lake FPD

Fire protection district in Hauser, Idaho.

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