November Newsletter

Hauser Lake residents should soon receive HLFPD’s November Newsletter in their mailbox, written by Chief Simms. Two items in the newsletter are particularly newsworthy to residents.

First, Hauser Lake Fire has received grants totaling $30,000 this year to upgrade communications. We continue to apply for other grants that can leverage our funds and save taxpayers money.

Second, this summer the Idaho Survey and Rating Bureau surveyed our fire district to evaluate our ability to respond to emergencies. The survey is very comprehensive and includes an in-depth look at training, equipment, apparatus, water delivery and more. As a result of the hard work of our volunteers, our insurance rating for those areas served by fire hydrants improved from a rating of 5 to a rating of 4. With a lower rating it is possible for those residents within 1000 feet of a fire hydrant to shop for insurance that may be available at less cost.

The newsletter includes some interesting statistics about our members. Last year, our members responded to 181 emergency calls. As of October 31, this year we have responded to 177 calls. Each year our volunteers provide over 3,000 hours of service to the community. This includes emergency calls, training and community activities. In terms of dollar value this adds up to nearly $100,000 per year in tax savings for our residents.

Finally, Chief Simms included important reminders about address signs and smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, plus news of upcoming Hauser events.

Author: Hauser Lake FPD

Fire protection district in Hauser, Idaho.